"UNIVERSIFLY was founded to make the dream came true for the young people who want to become flight attendants!"





"We’ll do our best to make the time you spend at Universifly be the best experience of your lifetime!"




Laura Topan - Head of Training of UNIVERSIFLY Flight Attendant School


Laura has over 13 years of experience in aviation. She has worked as a flight attendant instructor for 8 years between 2003-2011 and she has almost 7.000 flight hours.


Laura holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Business Negotiations and she is licensed in Law and Public Administration and Finance and Banks.

Instructor for

Theory of flight

Passenger handling and cabin surveillance


           Survival training

          Fire and smoke training

“I am very proud to contribute with my experience and expertise to the professional development of the young UNIVERSIFLY trainees, future flight attendants in various aviation companies.”


„My name is Paula Victoria Tarau, I am 28 years old and I am from Zalau. I worked for Qatar Airways Airline Company, for about three years, and there I have accumulated both professional and life experience that I am happy to share with all the UniversiFly students.


To be honest ... my dream was not to become a flight attendant, but after I got to do this job, I realized that this was one of the most beautiful period of my life, if I were to start it all over again, I would do it exactly the same, moreover, I would guide any young person into this career.”


Trainer for How to attend a cabin crew interview


"A mile of highway will take you a mile, A mile of runway will take you Anywhere" 
"Traveling is the only way to get rich without money !"



My name is Mihaela Lazar. I worked for nearly seven years as a flight attendant and more than a year as a trainer. I started from Junior Crew and got up to Senior Cabin and the over 7,000 flight hours were accumulated in four companies: Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Wizzair and Carpatiair. Each of these companies had something special and each one of them taugh me something special and I hope that my experience in this field will make the way to aviation easiey for all our future trainees.”

Instructor for


Aviation terminology

How to attend a cabin crew interview

 "Learn to love flying and you will have a passion for life"



I’m Ovidiu Damian. As a PhD in psychology I am specialised in research and interventions. I also worked onboard the aircrafts for six years as a trainer for cabin crew and as an aviation psychologist. Now, I train only ground classes for motivated people willing to become flight attendants. I am interested in human factors and all other psychological aspects of flying and as a specialist in this field, my goal is to facilitate attitude changes among the crew in order for them to develop the necessary soft skills required for this job: communication, situation awareness, decision making process, conflict solving, teamwork, errors control, stress management. See you aboard soon! :)   

Instructor for Introductory course on human factors (HF)

“At Universifly, we value learning, professional and personal development. And we believe that this development should be ongoing. As such, you are offered access to high quality courses in our programme. In other words, we help you prepare for take off!”




My name is Horia Simu and I am Emergency Medicine Doctor and member of the Emergency Medicine Commission of the Health Ministry. In the last 10 years I have the opportunity to train more than 1400 emergencies nurses, doctors and paramedics in coping with traumatic and non traumatic emergencies. From 2014 to 2016 I trained more than 588 flight attendants students, of the young and ambitious UNIVERSIFLY Flight Attendant School. Flight attendants are the first responder in a various medical incidents on plane. They must know how to respond and act in critical emergencies such depressurisation of the plane or cardiac arrest, or in non-critical emergencies (faint, epilespy, fractures, trauma..). 


Instructor for Aero-medical aspects and first-aid

Don't forgett, after you will finish the training with Universifly, you will understand this:  "He who saves a  life saves the world"



Mr. Antonesei has a high experience in training people for emergency situations in aeronautics, as well as in the management and coordination of the intervention teams.

Instructor for Fire and smoke training

“Our passengers safety, as well as our own, goes above any altitude”






Training and Experience:

- Sport aviation pilot license

- Flight control air traffic controller

- Main navigator

- Trainer Real Traffic Directing

- Flight Simulator

- Aviation safety management coordinator

- Training Manager

Instructor for

General theoretical knowledge of aviation

- Theory of flight;

- Meteorology and effects of aircraft surface contamination;

 “The world is divided into people who fly and those who never had this privilege.

UNIVERSIFLY prepares you to enter in the first category, of brave people, powerful and willing to enter the fascinating world of aviation”.







Instructor for

          Aviation regulations covering all elements relevant to the duties and responsibilities required of cabin crew

    Dangerous goods in accordance with the applicable ICAO Technical Instructions


"Flight fascinates also because from up there, the world can be seen in the same time, so big and yet so small. Once you were beyond the clouds, when you came back on the ground obligatory youll get better. If you were part of the flight, you just want to go back there, where is always ... unclouded!”


Trainer for Communication in English


I have been an English trainer since August 2014, and an instructor at UniversiFLY since the autumn of the same year. During this time, I have come to the conclusion that, besides the right kind of attitude and the specific theoretical and practical knowledge, excellent communication skills are essential to the flight attendant career. As such, the English Communication module aims at improving the students’ skills in terms of clear, correct and adequate communication.


“I wholeheartedly recommend the cabin crew training courses offered by UniversiFLY to all those who are convinced that being a flight attendant is much more than a job. To all those who are confident in their own capacity, resources and potential. To all those who live and develop by means of interacting with others and, most of all, traveling.”


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