"If you want to have the best experience of your life and if you want to develope your abilities i sincerly advise you to join Universifly, the best place to learn how to communicate with people, behave in different situations and make friends all over the world. As a cabin crew 90% of the time you have to interract with passengers. Everything you say and do is judged by them and it is very important to know what to say and when and how to behave in front of an "audience" things that don't come easily, that's why all of us need guidance, and this kind of guidance you will definitely find on this course. So join now, make friends learn new things and build your own wings to fly as far as possible." Kerekes Reka

"UniversiFLY.The best experience EVER!"
"Speechless! ✈
"I already miss those days!..." - Bianca Andreea Coanda S16 07.03.2016 - 30.03.2016

"missthatdays!thebestexperienceofmylife" - Ecaterina Zavaczki S17 04.04.2016 - 29.04.2016

"Allow me to speak in name of each of my collegues from the C 12 group.I want to tell you that you managed, through this project , to help us a lot, not only on the educational plan but also on the motivational one, pesonally, during this weeks, i had so much to learn...and I managed to create for myself a personal style, more constructive for my future...all thanks to this project...I am so glad for meeting you!Thanks to your help, I've descovered new opportunities and I managed to overcome my limits. Thank You" - Cârstea Isabella AnaMaria

"UniversiFLY, one word a lot of great memories! This school offered me confidence, knowledge and wings for my new career! What I can say about the course is that I heartily recommend to any future cabin crew! Our teachers learned us how to be a professional flight attendant. In 3 months they taught us a lot of important things starting from safety, security needed as cabin crew ending to a fully trained firefighter or a well trained nurse. I won`t forget another important point , that they showed me how can I always look professional and „spotless”. In the course period I met successful people that shared their experience with us. Thank you for making me a stronger person and a well prepared flight attendant : Laura Capusan, Paula Pernes, Mihaela Lazar, Georgiana Branzei , Mircea Capusan, Simu Horia , Ciprian Drumea , Antonesei Paul and Steluta Racolta for making our dreams come true! Also RSC Team that worked hard for us! Good luck future graduates! And thank you!" - Ruxandra Mutulescu

"Great teachers, as well as great students were the two main ingredients. This school offered not only the knowledge component, but also put a strong emphasis on the practical one as all our teachers were top professionals in their fields of work. I am very pleased as well with the way we were treated by the people responsible with organizing our schedule. We were also taught to have the attitude needed in this job, to be graceful and what are the essentials to nail at a company interview. All in all I recommend this school to any person who is looking to land a job as a flight attendant. Thank you and good luck to the future generation of graduates!" – Iulia Marina

"I am so proud and honored to be a part of this excellent project, UNIVERSIFLY for me was a life changing experience. I always had a moto :" Find a job that you love, so that you wouldn't have to work a day in your life". UNIVERSIFLY made this possible for me and opened the door to my succes and my future carreer. None ot these wouldn't be possible without the dedication of our inspiring mentors: our teachers. For one month we had the best instructors that taught us everything there is to know about : Medical cases on board (CPR etc), Security and safety in Aviation,, Legislation, Communication in English, Grooming, The relationship with the passengers etc. I would like to thank every teacher for the dedication and the passion for the job! Congratulations for the manager of this project, Mrs Steluṭa Racolṭa with her hard work, dedication and passion offered in any circumstances!" - Solomon Daniela Andreea

“Best experience ever! I would repeat it again and again!”

“Your biggest accomplishment – this was my task for the Qatar Airways recruitment interview. I answered: RSC CONSULTING Flight Attendant School. Because, apart from the actual occupation I studied, our instructors shared their personal experience with us, and this does not happen in just any school. Thank you! It has been an honor to be your student!”

“I’ve had the time of my life! I’m going to miss you all! Up, up, up in the sky!”

“This has been the most beautiful experience, I met exceptional instructors and had the nicest classmates. I am really glad I was part of this project. I especially enjoyed Ditching and Theory of Flight.”

“I had the opportunity to find out what I actually want to do. It is a half-fulfilled dream. I met wonderful people and learned interesting things. Thank you!

“Thank you for your patience and for giving us wings. We will not cry at the end. Instead, we will salute you, ready for take-off!”

“The best experience in y whole life! The best kind of memories will remain. Thank you for everything!”

“It has been a unique experience, where I met a rainbow of people. Besides the useful lessons, the instructors taught us to help each other.”

“The past months have been wonderful. I gathered precious knowledge, I met great people, I made friends and, last, but not least, I was trained in practicing this wonderful career!”

“I am happy that I fulfilled a dream and that I gathered new knowledge about aviation. Everything that matters is that I got my Cabin Crew license!”

“Thank you for your patience and involvement, and for bringing out the Flight Attendants in us!”

“Best school ever! I’m sorry to be leaving!”                                                  

“Thank you for this opportunity! These past months have been a new experience, which allowed me to meet wonderful instructors. They taught us very useful things. All the best!”

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